Portsdown Travel

(Formerly Hospice Travel) Tours and Cruises to raise funds for Rowans Hospice

Who we are

Portsdown Travel (formerly Hospice Travel) was established in 1995 by Eileen Jayne-Wood MBE who had an inspired idea to combine therapeutic travel opportunities with an element of fundraising to support the work of Rowans Hospice.

Working with her husband Christopher and the Reverend Harvey Griffiths, relationships were built with a number of Tour Operators, enabling provision for a range of specialist holidays and tours organised to very high standards. In particular London-based Travel Editions, Cruise Partners – Ocean World Travel, and acting Agents for local Coach Company, Lucketts Travel of Fareham, to name a few. Many people travel with us because of our long association with Rowans Hospice, for whom we have raised many thousands of pounds. They know that our holidays and tours are thoughtfully planned, that we pay attention to detail and that we endeavour to meet individual needs.

We do not publicise our prices because our tour operators give us very favourable deals and we genuinely believe that we offer choice, quality and value for money.  Take a look at our testimonials to see what our customers say about us.

Please read our essential information about how your holiday benefits The Rowans Hospice

The inspiration for Portsdown Travel

We know that a holiday is not just an opportunity to see different places.  When people travel they tend to be more open to ideas, to the point that often they return home with a new perspective on the way they live and work.

Exploring the inner journey through the outer world

Over the years our unique form of philanthropic travel has brought companionship and therapeutic benefits to hundreds of travellers.  Whilst some of our customers do have life-limiting illnesses or have been bereaved, our holidays and tours are for everyone and we welcome single travellers, couples and families.

We are a small but dedicated team with a simple goal: to provide meaningful travel experiences.  We exist because we are passionate about the need for Rowans Hospice in our community.

“Travel is actually one of the lesser known therapies the Hospice has to offer
as many people who are bereaved and alone find the excursions and holidays welcoming and supportive in their ‘journey’ through grief.”
Ruth White, Chief Executive, Rowans Hospice.


Thank you to TSO Hosting for helping to host Portsdown Travel